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From Nancy Romer and Lew Friedman:

Charley and Nancy are the best examples of dedicated, loving, respectful leaders that I have known. Thank you, Charley and Nancy, for creating an organization based on love and respect and outrage.

From John and Virginia Kelty:

John and Virginia give their tribute on behalf of their son Nathan, former Army NCO, in Iraq ’04-’05.

To honor and thank Charley and his wife Nancy for their excellent work to end these senseless wars, and to assure that veterans receive the care and support that they need on their return to the United States.

From Laura McCarthy:

Laura’s son Gavin served in Iraq in 2005.

MFSO – Thank you for keeping hope alive that all our troops will return home safe and sound.

From Beth Berry, in memory of her mother, Betty Berry, Women’s Air Corp. ’52-’53:

Beth’s nephew and her cousin’s son have served in Iraq.

Charley and Nancy, thanks for all you’ve done and shared over the years – from your fight for the rights and safety of working people to your fight for our troops yet against these senseless wars. I remember Nancy sharing her hotel room with me, Charley finding Brian’s glasses in the dark at Puffer’s Pond, Charley rollerblading from Northampton, and many times of laughter, fun and joy. My nephew has served in Iraq; my dad, my mom, and my three brothers have served in the military; I come from a military family even if I’m not part of one currently. I am grateful for your willingness and ability to do this work – and to teach us all as you do. Peace to you both, to all of us. Much love, Beth

From Cynthia Benjamin:

Cynthia is the mother of Army Cpt. Jess Greaves, who has been on two lengthy deployments to Iraq.

Charley, no words can express my gratitude for your work and my heartfelt sorrow for your circumstances. Thank you.

From Anne Sills and Howie Silverman:

Charley and Nancy: You are truly an inspiration. I hope that you can take comfort that you have made a real difference in the lives of so many, with your work and simply by being who you are. Our thoughts are with you.

From Paul Mishler and Gerrie Casey:

In honor of the heroic work of MFSO, and to honor Charley and Nancy’s work in the labor movement.

From Laurie Loving, in honor of all our family members in danger in the wars:

Laurie’s son served in Mosul, Iraq from August ’05 to August ’06.

Charley and Nancy were there for me when my son was in danger and I was scared out of my mind. Their leadership and support gave me a focus in organizing a support group in my area. Thank you, Charley, for your unswerving commitment and courage.

From Lee P.:

All of your hard work and commitment have been such an inspiration to me over the years – thank you, thank you, thank you!!

From Laurie Kellogg:

With love, for the many years of friendship and inspiration!

From Shelley Kroll:

Thank you, Charley and Nancy, for your efforts to make the voices of military families heard.

From R. Connor:

God bless you for your work; thank you, Charly and Nancy.

From Mary Lenihan:

I feel a very strong connection to your group because of our family loss. I have been against the wars since 9/11 and truly hope all our soldiers can come home ASAP. I am sick that so many innocent military and civilian lives have been lost in our name.

From Joan Kosloff:

Joan’s stepson, Sgt. Sherwood Baker, was KIA 4/26/04.

Thank you, Charley, for founding MFSO along with Nancy and giving military families a home of support and the country an important organization to end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Thank you for a lifetime working for peace and social justice. You have touched us all with your brilliance and warmth.

From Diane Stein:

Charley and Nancy, your fight for social justice continues to touch so very many of us. Thank you both for being such great teachers, supporters and friends in the fight.

From Judell Anderson, on behalf of the MFSO-MN Leadership Group:

Charley and Nancy, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You have accomplished so much with your good work and big hearts. Thank you for all that you’ve done for military families.

From Anne Kaufman and Richard Youngstrom:

The work you have done to end these insane wars, give military families a voice, and better the lives of working men and women throughout the world is remarkable and amazing. You two are our heroes. And you are pretty good dancers, poker players, and friends too. Here’s to you both!

From Cynthia Phinney:

Cynthia’s nephew is in the National Guard.

This is a tribute to Charley Richardson and his tireless work on behalf not only of our troops but also of all working men and women in this country. It is has been and continues to be an honor to know and collaborate with Charley.

From Angela Mazaris:

Angela’s tribute is on behalf of Jack Amoureux, whose brother served with the Marine Reserves in Iraq.

Charley’s work is an inspiration to our family. We are proud to support this effort.

From Lee Glenn:

Charley and Nancy, our neighbors, have done so much for so many people and causes. I’m honored to be able to give something to/for them.

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