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From Annie McCabe:

When my husband was deployed to Afghanistan, I was angry, scared, and felt so powerless. Charley, Nancy and MFSO-Minnesota changed me to a determined activist who believes that we *can* end these wars. Your example and warm support opened my eyes, and got me and my kid through that year and a half.

From John Scardella

John is family of 2LT Brian Scardella.

To Charley and Nancy, the most inspirational activists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Their work is one of substance and meaning to anyone having family in the Armed Forces.

From Jeff and Marjie Crosby:

Sometimes important actions in a time of darkness are initiated by just a person or two–like Charley and Nancy. Thanks for your years of work with Military Families Speak Out and your years of service to the labor movement.

From Maggie Pandolfino:

Six years ago my teenage son told me of his plans to enlist in the army. I was opposed to — and protested against– the Iraq invasion and never imagined I would be a “military family.” I knew no one who was associated with the military. It was a lonely and confusing time until I discovered MFSO. Through Nancy and Charley’s leadership I was able to turn my fear and anger into activism. Because of them and MFSO, I have come to know the finest people on the planet — military families, like me, who know it is not a contradiction to support the troops while opposing the wars.

From Nikki Morse:

My 5 years of work and connection with MFSO have meant so much to me, I continue to be deeply inspired by the courage and passion of all the members I have worked with and grown to love. And my 28 years of connection with Nancy and Charley form a true bedrock to my life — thank you both for your mentorship, support, guidance and play. (And thanks especially Charley for all the sports injuries.)

From Garret Virchick:

When you spoke to my students at Fenway High School about the war in Iraq you changed their lives forever. Thanks for all your tireless work.

From Michelle Robidoux:

The vision and perseverance that Charley and Nancy have shown in building an organization that gives a voice to military families opposing these wars is so inspiring. MFSO has changed the political landscape, in the US and abroad. We in Canada are fortunate to have been able to learn from them and enjoy their friendship and solidarity.

From Ross & Coleen Rowley:

Ross and Coleen’s daughter Bette is in the US Navy and brother Aaron served in the Air Force in Afghanistan.

In tribute to West Point graduate Major Ron Rowley who passed away in July 2009.

From Linda McCleary:

I have watched as a beautiful young woman has fought valiantly to care for herself and her son while being in constant pain from an injury suffered during her service in Iraq. She is one of many injured in this war that should never been fought by the United States.

From Andy Shallal:

Dear Nancy- Sending you love and admiration…

From Geri Kahn and Bob Ginsburg:

The mark of a good life is to make the world a better place and to be remembered. Charley and Nancy have succeeded on both counts.

From Karly Whitaker:

Karly Whitaker’s brother Cameron served in Iraq in the Army.

This donation is in honor of all the men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who can’t be with their families this week, and with hopes that the wars will be brought to an end ASAP.

From Lin Nelson:

In honor of both Charley & Nancy, and all you give to the world.

From Vicki Lessin:

It’s because of people like Charley and my cousin Nancy that we make the big strides in the struggle to end war and realize the blessings of justice and peace. Love to you.

From Laura Kaminker:

Thank you for all you have done for peace and justice.

From Vicky and Elliot Steinitz/Mishler:

Thank you Charley and Nancy for your deep commitment to peace and justice that has served as a standard for all of us in the struggle.

From Bruce and Carol Manuel:

Bruce and Carol’s son is in the US Army.

Our military families need our support. They bear the heaviest burden in these times of war. We need to provide better health care and more support when our service men and women return home. Most of all, we need to bring them home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

From Sheila Parks:

Dear Charley and Nancy – Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do to end these immoral and evil wars. Warmest regards.

From Helen Jaccard:

I am secretary of Veterans for Peace Greater Seattle Chapter 92 and have known about MFSO since I got involved in the peace movement. I have never had a member of my family or a friend in the military because I graduated from high school in 1973 and none of my friends went to Vietnam. However, I am now passionate in my anti-war activities and would be in MFSO if it were appropriate. I will support you therefore with money and with my time whenever we have events together. Thank you for all you do!

From Ralph Galen:

Selfishly, no one believed we’d have a second Vietnam in our lifetimes or anything resembling it. We live in horrendous times and if it wasn’t for the inspiration of Charley and Nancy there wouldn’t be this great beacon of hope and encouragement and much needed truth telling. Thank you. You’ve made an enormous difference in many lives.

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