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From Julie Webster:

Many thanks to Charley and Nancy for organizing and standing by us as our children were deployed. You gave us a voice that was heard and will continue to be.

From Dave Robinson:

Thank you MFSO for truly supporting our soldiers.

From Gail Bateson, on behalf of COSH network:

This is in honor of Charley and Nancy’s lifetime commitment to advocate for and protect working people, and the passion and creativity they bring to all of us who join them in these struggles.

From Laura Punnett:

A tribute to Charley’s many years of dedicated political organizing – in solidarity and love from Laura and Rafael

From David Kannas, on behalf of Seattle Tuesday Group:

David’s son Dylan is career military with three tours in Iraq; Joe Colgan’s son Ben died in Iraq.

We make this donation in the name of the Seattle Tuesday Group, who hold a vigil every Tuesday from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Seattle Federal Building.

From Julie Akers:

Julie’s son Jim served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007

Thank you for keeping on.

From Leslie Cagan:

I first met Charley and Nancy when they walked into the UFPJ office a few days before the Feb. 15, 2003 demonstration. In the midst of the chaos they stood out as special: grounded, solid, steady and determined. What a difference your work has made! I send you both much love, please let me know if you need anything, anything at all.

From Leslie Harris:

Thank you for your tireless work and immeasurable dedication.

From Kathy Black:

Thanks for your amazing commitment, hard work, dedication and inspiration. I send love and best wishes for all the strength and courage you need to tackle your own trials. Much love and admiration.

From Amy Quinn:

Charley and Nancy’s commitment to creating a more peaceful and beautiful world was a major inspiration to my own work for peace and justice. The voices of military families that Charley and Nancy help to amplify are an inspiration. I wish you strength, hope, and eternal peace, Charley! Thank you for the important legacy of MFSO.

From Steve and Michelle DeFord:

Steve and Michelle’s son David W. Johnson was killed in action in Baghdad on 9/24/04.

During the long 10 days between the time our son was killed and the day his body came home from Dover, we somehow found Charley and Nancy. Their compassion, kindness, and steadfast courage helped us to find our voice to speak out about these senseless criminal wars. I will never ever forget their hugs, their warmth and kindness to two grieving parents in Oregon that were so lost in a sea of rage and despair. We are so proud to know you and be a part of MFSO.

From Lauren and Dan Morse:

Charley and Nancy have been part of my extended family as long as I can remember. Floating trips across Sheep Pond, long talks at countless dinners, intergenerational football games, bike rides, holidays, games, more long talks at even more dinners are only some of my favorite memories. They are mentors, parental-types, friends, inspiration, and non-stop fighters. I can only hope I’ll be half as fun and fierce as they are.

From Juliet Ucelli, in memory of David Cline:

Thanks to Charley and Nancy for your path breaking work in founding a new type of anti-war organization indispensable for this period.

From Laura and David Weinstein:

Proud to know you, Charley!

From Larry Syverson:

Larry has four sons who served in the military; three are currently active duty.

The year I had two sons serving in Iraq was a living hell. I don’t know how I would have survived that year without MFSO. Only another military family truly knows the mind-numbing anxiety of having a loved one on the ground in Iraq – in a war you know is wrong.

From Kara Hollingsworth:

Kara is the wife of a soldier who served two tours of duty in Iraq.

MFSO gives me a voice for my opposition to the war in Iraq, while remaining proud of my families’ tradition of military service. It is the one place where I do not have to choose any side except for the truth.

From Lisa Leitz:

Lisa is the wife of a US Naval aviator currently serving in the war in Afghanistan.

It is only due to the hard work, dedication and organizing skills of Charley and Nancy that MFSO has grown to become the largest organization of military families to oppose ongoing wars in the history of the United States. Personally, Charley and Nancy have also sustained me and many other members while our loved ones are at war. I urge everyone out there to join me in this tribute to Charley. We owe it to Charley to see that MFSO endures to bring our troops home and take care of them when they get here.

From Brian Corr:

Brian is the Executive Director of the Cambridge Peace Commission.

Charley and Nancy have done so much — for military families, for the peace movement and have been inspirational. I am so proud to have them as friends and mentors.

From Ruth Needleman:

A warrior for justice and the ultimate family man and friend, loving, passionate, and flexibly unbending. Charley, I love you, Ruth

From Steve Wagener:

I am eternally thankful for what Charley Richardson and his wife did to help end these conflicts where our sons and daughters fight in the obscurity of our national awareness. MFSO helped me and my deployed son understand what true patriotism is. Thank you Charley for your efforts.

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