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From Deb Forter:

MFSO is a reflection of the lifelong commitment that Charley and Nancy have made to address the injustices in our world and give voice to those historically silenced.

From Betsy and Gail Leondar-Wright:

Charley, I still remember political advice you gave me in 1982 about unions needing to beware of management collaboration initiatives. I’ve trusted your judgment on social change strategy all these years. MFSO is a great achievement you can be proud of. Hang in there with this struggle as you have with so many others, brother!

From Laura Costas:

My brother, an Army reservist, was sent to Iraq just after the invasion in the earliest days of the conflict. Back in those days, the public discourse couldn’t raise itself beyond “support the troops” and “let’s roll.” Nothing but nationalistic and retaliatory messages were presented anywhere in the press or in the everyday conversations of the people I know. When I spoke of the risk and uselessness of our presence in Iraq and of my concern for my brother’s life the replies would invariably include the words, “well he volunteered for service, didn’t he?” as though that fact could redeem the entire situation.

I was at the verge of losing it when I discovered MFSO. Charley and Nancy organized meaningful support and resistance in this atmosphere of bizarre rationalizations and relentless propaganda.

I will always be grateful to MFSO for what I learned as an activist. Those lessons will always inform every step of my life. Organized rage begins with many individual personal refusals. Thank you for offering me a place to stand in order to articulate that refusal.

With deepest respect and gratitude.

From Mimi Evans:

Charley and Nancy’s strength and determination have been an inspiration to me and to so many others. They have never waivered in their fight to protect and support
military families.

From Nan Levinson & Alan Lebowitz:

It breaks my heart that this is the occasion to honor Charley. If there were any justice in the world, he would outlast these wars by many, many years.

From David Kessler:

I have never met Charley, but admire his work immensely. Nancy and Charley have been an inspiration for thousands of us. May some of us living today enjoy life in a demilitarized world. That is the goal which Charley has given us.

From Marguerite Weibel:

It is our patriotic obligation as citizens to question authority because our loved ones in the military cannot. Thank you, Charley.

From Leesa McVay:

All I can say is how very, very much I appreciate all your hard work and your steadfastness in speaking out against the wars we are involved in. Your organization means a lot to me. Thanks.

From Al Bernard:

Thanks for everything you guys have done for me and my military family.
Peace On Earth, NOW!!!

From Celeste Zappala:

We offer a tribute to Charley and Nancy, for their extraordinary work for Peace and Justice. We met them in the darkest hour, when my son had been deployed and was then killed in Iraq. They gave us encouragement, support, and stood with us as we all stood against the war. My family has been blessed by their spirits, we have learned from their organizing skill, and I do believe that Nancy and Charley have lovingly bent the World in a direction of nonviolence. Teachers and friends both, I only wish I could offer cure, but I send love and acknowledge their heroic lives and struggles- I am so proud to call them my friends!

From David Zeiger:

From the early days of the Iraq War, Nancy and Charley, you have carried forward the proud legacy of the GI Movement against the Vietnam, bringing that resistance into the present. You are an inspiration.

From Melida Arredondo:

This small gift is to honor all the lives impacted and lost due to war.

From Judy Freiwirth:

Thank you Charley and Nancy for the wonderful and invaluable work you’ve done for MFSO over the years and for the movement to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!!

From Jim and Holly Clemans:

Dear Charley, We send you our tribute with hearts full of love and hope. You and Nancy have given so much of yourselves to help end these wars and to help others in so many ways, and we are ever thankful. You truly have made a difference in the world, and in homes all across the country. We want to help support the vital MFSO work as it goes forward. Please know that you are the most wonderful husband and soulmate for my sister, and THE most FUN uncle on the planet! With all our love, Holly and Jim

From Rosemary Candelario:

I had the honor and privilege of working with Charley and Nancy in the MFSO office. On a daily basis I witnessed their total dedication, unwavering principles, enormous kindness, passion, and humor. They have touched thousands of lives at moments of crisis, sadness, and anger. I now add my voice to the loving community supporting them in their hour of need.

From Al and Pat McLaine:

Al and Pat’s son is in the Army.

Charley and Nancy brought us into MSFO. Keep up the good fight.

From Megan Bartlett:

I only know Nancy and Charley through Elise Pechter and Lauren and Nikki Morse. But even from this far removed, it’s easy to see what wonderful work they do. Thank you for everything you do!

From Sarah Fuhro:

Sarah’s son served with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nancy and Charley have stood next to me in these terrible years of my son’s deployment first to Iraq and then to Afghanistan. They taught me how to use my anger and terror to speak out against wars I knew from the first day were wrong, tragic and endless. They provided an organization, a community for those of us who have felt so isolated during these long eight years. They have heard all our stories and hugged our aching hearts, and helped us to share our experience and insight with those who have watched these wars from the sidelines.

From Annette Pritchard:

In the first awful days after my nephew’s death in Iraq Charley and Nancy were there for me. They helped me channel my rage into words and actions against these wars. Their work has enabled so many to find a voice and be heard. I want them to know how much they mean to me and my family.

From Joey Mason:

To fight the fight, is to win the war. To the open arms you showed me, to the endless dreams we share. Nancy, Charley, & Nikki, please know my heart is there. Love you always, Joey

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